Unique culture centre with splendid neobaroque halls will be the right place for your red carpet event. Spacious premises, arranged in a bright interior, are suitable for conferences, corporate events, graduation events, shows and theatre performances with a possibility to host up to 700 guests at a time.

The large hall with its gorgeous and festive interior creates an impressive atmosphere for any event. This place has hosted wedding ceremonies and extreme sports presentations. Beloved comedians and musicians have given performances, as well as famous thinkers have delivered their lectures. The hall with a capacity to host 566 people has been recognised as the most elegant high-level conference venue in Riga and, therefore, repeatedly has been the stage for TEDx and other high-level conferences.   

The Small hall of the cinema is popular for small-format seminars, presentations and meetings. The hall of Versailles and the Green hall are ideal for organising press conferences, small receptions and standing banquets.

  • Elegant rococo style hall will create a wonderful, enhancing atmosphere for your event;
  • Location in the very centre of Riga, wide offer of hotels and restaurants;
  • Advanced multimedia options for the demonstration of cinema and presentations;
  • Possibility to provide two-channel simultaneous interpreting;
  • Technical equipment allows to demonstrate films in 35 mm and digital format with Dolby Digital sound;
  • Additionally, there is also a possibility to use the services of the cafe TINTO VĪNA TELPA.


Additional information:
LLC „Rīgas nami”
Management of Event Centres
Telephone: +371 6704 3678

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