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On December 12 at 19.00 Splendid Palace will host the only screening in Riga of film The Beaches of Agnes (French: Les plages d'Agnès),  welcoming the great French director Agnes Varda who this year received the European Film Academy Award for lifetime achievement in the film industry. 

Agnes Varda (born in 1928) has been named the grandmother of French New Wave and French New Wave pioneer. Free, moving camera, improvisation in humane stories in documentary environment…  She has remained faithful to humane stories all her creative life, working both in documentary and in feature films. Critics say that her films are characterised by free spirit, subjectivity and continuous movement, freedom of the camera and human liberation. She has preserved her creative energy all life long.

She is famous for her special cinematographic method she herself calls 'cinécriture', which in French is a compound of the words "cinema" and "writing". "I write with a camera" - is the quotation by the director which best defines her creative work, which is based on realism, literature and painting. 

In her career Agnes Varda has received almost all the highest film honours: Silver Bear in Berlin for her film HAPPINESS (Le Bonheur, 1965), the Golden Lion in Venice for VAGABOND (Sans toit ni loi 1985), the European Academy Award for THE GLEANER AND I (Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse, 2000), and French Cesar Award for THE BEACHES OF AGNES (Les Plages d'Agnès, 2008).

The Beaches of Agnes (2008) is an unusual genre cinema - a self portrait of a documentary director.  The artist about the film: in any film, one way or another director talks about him or herself, even if it is a documentary film about other people. I created this film from many "I"s, who have met so many different people in their life. My film reflects life, but my life merges with the film. It is my family, husband, children, grandchildren, and other close people. And I do not feel uncomfortable that I made it about my own life. I absolutely do not suffer from narcissism”.



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